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Cosmo Laser holographics is very own Manufacturing facility in India. The world is waking up to the concept of security Holograms usage. In India too security Holograms are coming of age. So it's time you own your hard earned brand names to counter counterfeits, fakes and clones. Let us enlighten you on the subject of holograms. A hologram is created through cutting-edge technology called 'Laser Optics'. It is impossible to duplicate the hologram with all exisiting conventional printing technologies. So put an end to counterfeits with Cosmo Laser holograms

Types of Holograms

2D/3D Holograms: This is the conventional hologram which can have images/texts in two or more layers with clear depth between them.

2D/3D Hologra with Flash ON/OFF Effect: Flash ON/OFF Effect can be had between two different images in two different layers. This means that one angle only one image would be visible while the other would be hidden..

2D/3D Hologra with Kinetic Movement: This type of hologram will have all the features of 2D/3D hologram and in addition it will also have some kind of kinetic effect, like zooming effect in acircul;ar images or a band with changing color be induced...

Dot Matrix Hologram: Dot matrix hologram will have acute brightness and clarity with very high resolution.

True color Hologram: It is possible to have the exact color scheme as is desired by the user in the true color hologram.

E-Beam: Latest generation master origination with unparallel security and aesthetics. Features like nanotexting, covert image, animation image, concealed image etc., Very high resolution making it extremely eye catching.


Hidden Information: Hidden information, visible only with the help of laser pointer, can be incorporated in the hologram. .

Micro Texting: Micro texting is visible only through a high power magnifying glass and can be incorporated in the hologram .

Variable Information : Incorporation of inkjet sequential numbering and printing by invisible ink (read only by UV torch). This would enable you to put any additional information as may be required on the hologram