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Shrink Sleeves
Reverse printed Shrinkable Sleeves are used all over the World by food  , beverages, pharmaceuticals , and cosmetic manufacturers on their containers to improve aesthetic value as well as to boost the brand image of their products.
Reverse printed Cosmolazer sleeve offers possibility of distortion –free coverage of the container for 360° and hence, they are ideal to use for glass , plastic , PET , composite cans and tin containers

Multicolor Reverse printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer sleeve decorates the container. Bright colourful graphic designs covering 360°.It takes the shape of varied containers, glass, PET or plastic bottles and composite tin/cans.
Besides decorating the bottle/container, Reverse printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeves Provides glossy look to the product due to excellent quality compared to conventional type of paper labels. It is waterproof and oil resistant. It can be used with automatic and manual operation.
Cosmolazer has got fully integrated set – up which ensures confidentiality of the brand.
Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeves are printed in reverse and hence the problem normally faced with conventional type of labels is totally eliminated.
Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer sleeves offers 360° cover around the container which provides better aesthetics to promote the value of branded products. Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeves can be also used as pilfer proof/temper evident seal. By providing vertical as well as horizontal perforation with a provision of notch. Easy removal of the cap seals can be ensured. Ultimately, it provides a cost effectively and simple way of preventing pilferage.
Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeves can be used on most of the container substrates including glass, plastic, PET, composite cans and tins containers.
Above all Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeve has the distinct advantage of simple operation and low cost , since Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeves can be manually placed on the object before passing through shrink tunnel.
In case of high speed operations, to achieve better productivity, Reverse Printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer sleeves can be also placed on the object with the help of automatic shrink sleeve applicator machine. In this case , Reverse printed Shrinkable Cosmolazer Sleeves can be supplied in continuous length to suit the operations.
Width: 12 mm to 350 mm. Thickness: 0.030 to 0.050 mm
Machine Direction – 3% to 5%
Transverse Direction – 40% to 50%
In rolls of 500 / 1000 meters.
In Cut Piece from – 500 – 1000 Pcs.

To give an idea of manual and automatic operations, line diagram of the process is shown below.